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What are the best Fat Burning Workouts?

Who doesn’t want to look great in a bathing suit or to wear the least amount of cloths and
flaunt their body? When a little hard work gives such amazing results then why not? We all
have eaten so much in our life time, how about taking a break just for six month? We all
know that after six months, we shall be proud of our self. Our compromise won’t go waste.
We shall be grateful to our self that thank god we did it! So say yes to life and kick start the
day with a warm glass of water and a lemon squeezed in it.
Also why pay to the gym when you can easily shred weight at your own house or nearby
So here are few of best Fat burning
After a quick warm up of jogging at the same place, butt kicks, marching in place, side
lunges, stretching and deep breathing one can start these exercises. The counts in the initial
face can be less but gradually one should increase them as to keep the heart beating fast. The
best workouts consist of moves which engage many muscle groups.
You may take a conventional, easy toning move and transform it into efficient way which
provides you the bang for the buck for each moment in the workout. Although it takes
several kinds of training in order to reach well rounded fitness (stretching, cardio, strength
training, and many more).
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High intensity interval training and total body strength training are great for burning fat
quickly. You can need to use this concept to the exercises which make your daily routines
and they become fat burning, dynamic workouts.
Countdown workouts to great and Sexy
According to expert, the Countdown workouts use exercise pairs and are an inspiring method
to complete a workout. This workout keep you occupied in what you are performing.
Therefore, you need to keep the count.
An expert recommended exercise pairs:
• Squat thrust with pushup
• Medicine ball side toss with medicine ball slam
• Kettlebell swing with squat thrust
• Jumping jacks with pushup
1. Jumping Lunges
Stand tall with feet staggered and keep your left foot in front of right. Do not be stiff and
keep stance active with keens bended a little. This should not be a complete lunge position.
Now with the core engaged, in a second, push off both legs into a jump position and switch
positions as jumping in the middle before keeping legs on the floor. You may land with right
foot in the front. Repeat this without rest for twenty sets and increase to fifty gradually.
2. Burpees
Stand tall and keep the distance. Next is to step down by doing a squat and placing hands on
the floor. Now take a jump as if the next position of yours should be a push-up posture.
Again jump feet back by taking a squat posture. Now jump upwards in the air and repeat the
entire cycle without stopping.
In fact, this workout is actually complex movement which involves a jump, plank, squat,
pushup, and hip-hinge.
If you are not so good at any moves because of a lack of motor control, mobility, strength,
then the burpee may be even bad for you.
3. Skipping
Buy a skipping rope longer than your height. Catch both the ends in each hand and keep your
hands straight down. Now take circles by just moving your lower hand and palms and move
the rope from backward to forward and jump while the rope slides down your feet. Repeat
this without stopping a minute everyday.
4. Superman Exercise
A power packed, complete tummy reducing exercise for all who wish to get rid of tummy fat
which would also work on lower back, thighs and abs. Sleep on the ground facing the ground
and stretch your hands and legs in air. Lift your chest and thighs at the same time in the same
angle and balance the entire body weight on your tummy. Do not forget to keep yourself as
straight as possible. Be in the same position for 30 seconds and repeat twice initially.
5. Push ups
Lie down and try getting on your all fours by placing hands just down your shoulders. There
should be enough space between both your hands and they should be parallel to shoulders.
Now try to lower your body towards the ground trying to touch the ground but just before it
reaches closer, push yourself up to the original position. Repeat for 10 seconds in the initial
stage and try taking up to 30 seconds in future to see better results.
6. Leg bent rotating exercise
Exercise which works on abs and inner thighs. Stand and keep hands behind the back of your
head. Lift the right leg up till your abdomen and in circular motion lift the left leg up by
taking turns. Repeat the exercise for 15 seconds, rest for next 15 seconds and repeat the cycle
7. Goblet Squat
Undoubtedly, Goblet Squat is one of the best mthods to squat, period. It is safe in order to
perform. For higher-rep fat-loss training, it is more accessible than barbell squats. Thus, you
need is a kettlebell (harder) or dumbbell (easier). You need to stand and sit tall and repeat the
procedure. If you do high reps then it’s great for you. For 10 minutes straight, do ten reps per
minute will be best move.
8. Skater Jump
If you seeking for the best body-weight cardio burner, then you should do Skater Jump triset
without rest between moves:
• Skater jumps for forty seconds
• Box squat jumps for forty seconds
• Stepup jumps for forty seconds
After that, you need to take rest for 1 minute. It is only 1 round. Do 5 rounds for a 10 minute
equipment-free sweat fest.
Final Words
Try doing these exercises for at least 5 days in a week to see results at the very month end.
These exercises will not only help to reduce weight but also tone up your body to make you
feel younger than before. Do not forget to eat right quantity fiber and proteins and have
minimum 4 to 5 liters of water (not sparkling but still) everyday.

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