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ABS olutely!

It’s always about Abs isn’t it?  Especially this time of year – it’s all about Abs. The magazine covers are full of “get sexy abs”, get bikini ready”, “get flat abs”. Tight abs make you look great when you’re in your swimsuit at the beach or by the lake or pool! But, that’s not the only reason to want to have them. Strong Abs ARE actually really important to your health and well-being

Important Reasons To Have Strong Abs

There are some important reasons for wanting and working towards a strong core. Weak core muscles can cause other muscles to overcompensate for their lack. People throw their backs out by picking up heavy things. How many people do you hear of who have bad backs? It is a very common thing. If the Abs are strong it helps prevent back injuries because the Abs share the load with the back when lifting things, carrying things, bending and twisting. A strong core is a great benefit to the back. A strong core also helps to increase balance and stability. Almost every activity a person does is benefited by strong core muscles.

Another benefit of a strong core is posture. If the abs are strong and pulled in, it causes a person to stand taller. Weak core muscles can cause a person to be hunched and slouch. Standing up straighter also helps to relieve back strain. By strengthening the Abs, self-confidence is projected as an added benefit.

Ab Muscles

The muscles of the abdomen are important for supporting our internal organs. By letting our Ab muscles get flabby and extended and lacking tone, it can cause the internal organs to not be supported like they are meant to be so they fall forward. Sagging organs lose their efficiency. They can interfere with proper digestion because when the stomach, for example, gets stretched out of shape – it loses its ability to digest food properly. When the intestines aren’t supported by a strong core, then they become weak and sag and can’t do their job efficiently.

Toned Abs And Belly Fat

Without tone in the abdominal muscles there is also a tendency to start accumulating belly fat. Excess belly fat can potentially cause health issues like heart problems and diabetes. Calories taken in by eating and drinking can’t exceed calories being burned or the fat will just start to accumulate.

It’s really important to trim body fat by doing cardio or aerobic exercises like brisk walking, running, biking and swimming.  A healthy diet and portion control is also an important aspect of getting rid of body fat. Exercises that help strengthen the core need to be part of your daily regime. The purpose of working out is not just to have a hot body, although that can come with consistent exercise and aerobic activity as an added benefit. The main purpose of working out and strengthening our abs is for what it does for our overall health and well being.

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