Smoothies Can Help Boost Your Nutrition

A bad diet, poor nutrition and lack of exercise are big contributors to not having good health. One simple way that a person can increase their nutrients every day and therefore their health, is by drinking smoothies. It may be difficult to eat several fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds every day but you can add those things to smoothies and have nutritious and delicious drinks.

Healthy Smoothies

If your goal is boosting your health and nutrition, keep your smoothies simple. The best way to insure healthful ingredients is by making your smoothies at home. If you get smoothies when you are out, there may be more high calorie/high sugar additions in them like ice cream or frozen yogurt or possibly sweetened syrups. Sometimes smoothies can be more like a milkshake than a nutritious boost for your health. Liquid calories can sometimes be deceptive and may be a way that we don’t realize high calories, fats and sugars are “sneaking” into our diet.

Making Smoothies At Home

By making smoothies at home,  you will be able to choose your ingredients to get the nutrients that your body needs without major food preparation. A smoothie can be made simply and quickly. Of course, you will need a blender of some sort to make them.

Great smoothie additions are fruit like berries, apples, bananas and veggies like leafy greens (spinach, kale, leaf lettuce, etc.), seeds like chia and flax and nuts like almonds and walnuts. There are endless healthy combinations – just get creative. You’ll soon find out what your favorite combinations are. Almond milk, unsweetened juice, and/or low fat yogurt are also great additions to your smoothies.  You can also blend your ingredients with plain water or coconut water.  If you want a little more sweetness, stevia is a great no-calorie choice. Most smoothies shouldn’t require the addition of high calorie sweeteners to be delicious because the fruit is sweet in itself, especially if you are using ripe fruit and adding a little banana.

For making smoothies, I love the Blendtec blender.
The Blendtec is one of the finest blenders on the market today. It is extremely powerful and will blend more difficult things like nuts, seeds, and greens into a creamy consistency in your smoothies. Other weaker blenders I’ve used aren’t able to get that same smooth, thoroughly blended consistency.  When all the ingredients in a smoothie are thoroughly blended, they become easier for our bodies to assimilate and digest which helps us to get more nutrition.

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