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Negative Ions And Their Energizing Effects

Have you ever noticed how good you feel near the crashing waves of the ocean?  What about near the falling water of a waterfall?  Negative ions create a very special and energizing  sensation in our beings. There is something soothing to our souls and invigorating to our spirits that happens near this rushing water.  There is something very refreshing, mood changing and awe inspiring. There is something active and “alive” in the air. What you are experiencing are the effects of negative ions.

Negative Ions

Negative Ions or Negative-charged Ions are oxygen atoms with an extra electron.  These negative-charged ions can actually help us feel better. They are molecules that we cannot see but we inhale them in certain environments. They are believed to help alleviate depression and relieve stress.  Negative ions produce biochemical reactions that increase serotonin levels.

Typically, the ocean has double the amount of negative ions to positive.  That’s why most people feel so refreshed and invigorated at the ocean.  The crashing of the waves produces the negative ions.   Waterfalls are another great source of these energizing ions.   Falling water frees electrons which attach to other air molecules.  This causes a negative charge.

Negative Ions Are Everywhere in Naturewaterfall - Bend, OR ALT="waterfall and negative ions"

Rushing streams, thunderstorms and actually our showers in our homes are sources of negative ions. Breathing air charged with negative ions helps to improve mood and relieve stress.  Many people perform breathing exercises near a waterfall. This is because the energy is greater and the oxygen is more abundant. Generally speaking, they increase the flow of oxygen to the brain.

Natural environments have the highest concentrations of negative ions. Getting out in nature around forests, waterfalls, streams and the ocean can have great health benefits.

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