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Brisk Walking Doesn’t Require a Gym

Walking is one of the simplest forms of exercise we can do. We walk all the time in our daily lives. Walking, especially brisk walking, is strongly recommended for the health benefits that come from doing it. We can choose to keep it at a minimum or we can choose to take advantage of simple options in our day to increase our walking and pick up the paceLittle things like parking  farther away from a store we’re going to or taking the stairs instead of the elevator can be beneficial to our health. Also, make a point to get out in nature. There are parks in almost every city and town and also hiking trails that will make our walks so much more enjoyable.

Benefits of Brisk Walking

Regular brisk walking exercises our muscles, gets our heart rate up and gets our blood flowing.  It also burns calories, helps to trim the waistline and it makes us breathe harder. Our muscles need to move or they will become weak. Our bodies need to be oxygenated to move the old stale air out of our lungs. This process will help to clean our blood and also get our lymph system moving.

Brisk walking helps us get in shape. It is recommended to do some form of physical activity every day for 30 minutes for the sake of our health.

By not taking advantage of something as simple as walking, we could be undermining our health. Brisk walking is not something that needs special equipment or an expensive gym membership. It is something that requires us to use our will power to just get out the door and go for it! Sometimes it’s just the little things that we can easily overlook that will really increase our health in small ways…every day.

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